{ — ♛ ; }     Cruz let out a small sigh and grabbed the magazine, in which he’d made the front page with his love story, tossing it aside. Neither of them needed to continue looking at it. “Don’t cry— please don’t cry.” He pleaded. “Don’t do this, don’t make me feel bad for being happy.”

                         Of course Cruz loved the girl, he just couldn’t love her in the way that she wanted him too. It wasn’t fair of him to do so, string her along in a way but he didn’t want to lose her either. He should have just told her upfront. He knew that now.

                         Honesty was always the best policy. “You’re not going to lose me, you’re never going to lose me. Okay? I need you in my life. You’re my best friend, Katie. I promise.” He hummed.


Hearing the sound of his voice made her sigh. She knew, he would never love her to way she loved him, but sooner or later he will just end up leaving her, later break up with his girlfriend, apoligize to her and then they make everything alright again. But this time, she isn’t going to let him apoligize, she had enough of being someone’s second choice.

                         ”Do you know.. How much.. it hurts.. to see you happy? When I’m not? ”

The hurt in her voice was so clear, it was cracking and she was about to cry her eyes out. Cruz? Of course she loved him, with her whole heart. But will she finally tell him what she felt from the inside?

                                                          ”I don’t know it anymore Cruz..”




   { — ♛ ; }     As Cruz sat there, he wanted the other to say something, anything. He hadn’t meant for the media to out their relationship, as far as he was concerned they’d been very careful and stayed very secretive. He hadn’t said anything. He hadn’t even hinted that he was with someone. Cruz wouldn’t do that.

                         It wasn’t his fault that people would sell him out to make some quick cash. Okay, maybe it was and he needed to choose better friends. And maybe it was because of his growing career as a musician that they were in the public eye at all. But, regardless, it was happening. It was out and all over social media, tabloids and even the news.

                         ”I’m sorry.” Was all he managed to choke out.

The pictures on the internet broke her heart. She couldn’t realise that Cruz was with someone else, the one she loved the most for years. Sighing, the girl wrapped her arms around her small waist, the tears burned in her eyes, struggleling to fight the tears back.  

                                                           ” I- I just..” Katie stuttered.

Her mind was all blown. Not knowing what do to now. Keep loving him? Staying with him? Or just have some time for herself to keep the things together? Katie took a deep, heavily and nervous sigh, shaking like it was like snowing in the house, like she had no clothes on.

                                                         ”I’m just.. terrified.. that.. I’m going to lose you..”